Australasian College of Dermatologists 2017 E-Posters

A case of adult onset linear scleroderma, en coup sabre variant responsive to methotrexate monon-treatment: A review of treatment options
Dr. Jesse Johnston
A case of anhidrosis and widespread vitiligo-like depigmentation with metastatic melanoma immunotherapy
Dr. Ludi Ge
A case of bladder calculi in non-herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa
Dr. Charlotte Gollins
A case of bullous pemphigoid in a young adult
Dr. Su-Lin Chan
A case of dermal non-necrotising granulomatous disease
Dr. Kylie Beem
A case of disseminated granuloma annulare associated with dermatomyositis
Dr. Georgia Farrah
A case of granulomatous cheilitis in miescher-melkersson-rosenthal syndrome
Dr. Nancy Huang
A case report of lupus erythematosus profundus
Dr. Maria Adriana Castrillon
A cross-sectional multicentre study to assess the quality of life in leprosy patients
Dr. Anisha Bhullar
A curious case of bed bugs, and a lesson of referral caution
Dr. Anthea Mulcahy
A paradoxical reaction in a mycobacterium ulcerans infection
Dr. Priska McDonald
A rare acral lesion with parallel-ridge pattern on dermoscopy
Dr. Priyamvada Sobarun
A rare case of drug induced cutaneous lupus with tocilizumab for rheumatoid arthritis
Dr. Lauren Buchanan
A rare case of lues maligna with ocular involvement after immune reconstitution syndrome
Dr. Francis Yap
A tattoo pigment reaction in a patient with metastatic melanoma treated with dabrafenib and trametinib
Mr Alexander Scott
Acute autoimmune hepatitis secondary to ipilimumab in metastatic melanoma
Dr. Nicholas Laidler
Acute localised exanthematous pustulosis secondary to pembrolizumab
Mr Charlie Wang
An audit of inpatient dermatology admissions: Management of hyperglycaemia in oral glucocorticoid use
Dr. Chasari Toy Tancharoen
An audit of pigmentation disorders due to infection seen at a private dermatology clinic in Western Australia
Dr. Joshua Ting
Atypical cellulitis in transplant recipients: A case report and review of the literature
Dr. Katrina Chakradeo
Biologics and dermatology life quality index (DLQI) in the Australasian psoriasis population
Dr. Diana Norris
Calciphylaxis: Clinical presentation, causes and treatment, with case series
Dr. Mariya Hamid
Case series: Tinea incognito
Dr. Kylie Beem
Cutaneous adverse reactions following alemtuzumab therapy for multiple sclerosis
Dr. Antonia Laino
Cutaneous amyloidosis: Several illustrative cases
Dr. Andrew Swarbrick
Cutaneous toxicities of anti-programmed death (anti-PD-1) antibodies in patients with advanced solid organ tumours
Dr. Shelley Ji Eun Hwang
Dermatological disease in heart and lung transplant recipients: A cross-sectional and prospective study
Dr. Nicholas De Rosa
Difference in skin toxicities observed in patients with metastatic melanoma treated with combined pembrolizumab and ipilimumab vs pembrolizumab alone
Dr. Shelley Ji Eun Hwang
Dupilumab with concomitant topical corticosteroids in moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis: A randomised, placebo-controlled phase 3 clinical trial (CHRONOS)
A/Prof Peter Foley
EASI-75 interpretation from a patient perspective – a phase 2b post-hoc analysis of dupilumab in adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis
Dr. Nicolas Martin
Efficacy of home-based chemo-wraps of topical 5-fluorouracil for disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis compared to ablative erbium laser: Comparative case study
Miss Charlotte Cox
Epidermodysplasia verruciformis resembling pityriasis versicolor
Dr. Joshua Ting
Eruptive seborrheic keratoses in a patient with intra-abdominal malignancy: Sign of leser–trélat
Dr. Katrina Chakradeo
Erythema dyschromicum perstans and the betel nut
Dr. Emily Shao
Erythema induratum, a classic case of a tuberculid reaction
Dr. Ryan Toholka
Escherichia coli septicaemia induced purpura fulminans
Dr. Justin Bui
Fish tank granuloma in Chinese restaurant chefs in Victoria – an occupational hazard
Miss Esther Sim
Flagelate mushroom dermatitis: An uncommon emergency presentation
Dr. Lisa Abdel-Malek
Granular parakeratosis in adult female secondary to exposure of benzalkonium chloride laundry rinse
Dr. Cecilia Pham
Granulomatous mycosis fungoides: A difficult diagnosis
Dr. Natalie Ling
Hypertrophic lichenoid reactions secondary to anti-PD-1 therapy
Dr. Mi Vu
Immunotherapy-induced pustular psoriasis in a patient with metastatic melanoma
Dr. Phoebe Star
Incidence of vulval squamous cell carcinoma in women with vulval lichen sclerosus in an Australian tertiary referral centre
Dr. Rowena Meani
Investigating the correlation between ion channels and receptors that detect irritants, and itchy, inflammatory skin conditions
Dr. Katherine Darch
Ipilimumab-induced Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Dr. Anna Schauer
Lichen planus following influenza immunisation
Dr. Mi Vu
Management of cutaneous adverse events associated with daclizumab treatment in multiple sclerosis patients
Mr Jacson Shen
Management of primary cutaneous melanoma: A retrospective audit of 349 cases and literature review of current clinical guidelines
Dr. Brent Doolan
Melanocytic lesion evolution patterns with targeted therapies and immunotherapies for advanced metastatic melanoma
Dr. Cathy Zhao
Methotrexate in primary cutaneous t-cell lymphoma
Dr. Thevaki Wain
Minocycline induced hyerpigmentation. A comparison of Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser and picosecond alexandrite laser
Dr. Thomas Barrett
Nine primary melanomas in a young female patient and a review of the literature
Dr. Agnieszka Adams
Nivolumab induced subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus 
Dr. Rose Liu
Non-melanoma skin cancer and quality of life in an Australian population
Dr. Charlotte Thomas
Oral tofacitinib - a promising treatment in atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata and vitiligo
Dr. Mi Vu
Pachydermoperiostosis: A rare case study
Dr. Emily Shao
Panniculitis secondary to vancomycin
Dr. Emily Shao
Pemphigus vulgaris: Therapeutic approach
Dr. Eleni Anthony
Primary osteoma cutis
Dr. Ryan Toholka
Recalcitrant ulcers associated with SAE-positive dermatomyositis treated with surgery followed by intravenous immunoglobulin
Dr. Senhong Lee
SAPHO syndrome associated with hidradenitis suppurativa and pyoderma gangrenosum successfully treated with adalimumab and methotrexate
Dr. Dunja Vekic
Schnitzler syndrome: A rare cause of chronic recalcitrant urticaria
Dr. Surabhi Sharma
Severe, malignant acanthosis nigricans associated with adenocarcinoma of the endometrium
Dr. Jacqueline Deen
Stretching scleromxyoedema treatment with IVIG
Dr. Anna Schauer
Successful treatment of pemphigus vulgaris with rituximab in a patient with severe vulvar involvement
Dr. Nikki Adler
Successful use of ibrutinib to control paraneoplastic pemphigus in a patient with paraneoplastic autoimmune multiorgan syndrome and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
Dr. Andrew Lee
Suggested skin cancer screening protocol for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia patients
Dr. Anthea Mulcahy
Systemic cutaneous anaplastic large t-cell lymphoma
Dr. Pooja Kadam
The expanding spectrum of autoinflammatory syndromes related to hidradenitis suppurativa
Dr. Dunja Vekic
The prevalence of BRAF and NRAS in dermoscopic subtypes of acquired naevi
Dr. Jean-Marie Tan
The use of IVIg for refractory bullous pemphigoid secondary to pembrolizumab: A case report
Dr. Sarah Smithson
The use of mycophenolate mofetil to treat mid dermal elastolysis: A case report
Dr. Sarah Smithson
Topical glyceryl trinitrate treatment in chronic radiation dermatitis
Dr. Justin Bui
Toxic shock syndrome: Illustrating the importance of history and examination
Dr. Andrew Swarbrick
Treatment of cutaneous kaposi sarcoma with topical timolol
Miss Sonet Chap
Treatment of pemphigus vegetans with rituximab: A case report and review of the literature
Dr. Nikki Adler
Update: Autoimmune side effects of ipiliumumab and pembrolizumab in metastatic melanoma. Case study of patient with hypophysitis, pneumonitis, colitis, vitiligo
Dr. Victoria Harris
Updating dermatology medicine ingredient names in Australia – it’s happening right now!
Dr. Tristan Blake
Validation of the peak pruritus numerical rating scale: Results from clinical studies of dupilumab in adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis
Prof. Gil Yosipovitch