Australasian College of Dermatologists 2017 E-Posters

A cross-sectional study of psychological stress and skin symptoms in Australian university students
Dr. Thomas Stewart
A systematic review and critical evaluation of reported sequence variants in hidradenitis suppurativa/acne inversa using ACMG standards and guidelines
Dr. John Frew
Barriers to JMO participation in pressure injury prevention and management
Dr. Joshua Elakis
Brooke-spiegler syndrome: The impact of a rare disease
Dr. Mi Vu
Clinical and molecular characteristics and metastatic pathways in patients with cutaneous melanoma
Dr. Nikki Adler
Extrafacial granuloma faciale
Dr. Jacqueline Deen
In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy on the lip: From normal to sun damaged skin and non-melanocytic skin cancer
Dr. Helena Collgros
Involution of selective melanocytic lesions in a 79 year-old male with metastatic melanoma on immunotherapy
Dr. Stephen Thomas
Is there a problem with parabens?
Dr. Fabrizio Spada
Lichenified papules – an unusual cutaneous presentation of metastatic breast cancer
Dr. Timothy Jeffery
Life on the beach: The knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of Australian surf lifesavers towards sun protection
Dr. Jessica Davey
Malignant melanoma and men’s health: The unspoken link
Dr. Justin Bui
Medical student perceptions of dermatology teaching: A focus group study
Dr. Philippa Dickison
Melanoma in a cohort of organ transplant recipients: Experience from a dedicated transplant dermatology clinic in Victoria
Dr. Danit Maor
Plantar keratoderma associated with developmental delay, intellectual impairment and abnormal facial features.  A possible new gene (FOXP1) association
Dr. Matthew Cho
Professional perceptions of dermatology teaching: A focus group study
Dr. Philippa Dickison
Proportion of melanoma excisions performed by different specialties in Australia
Dr. Albert Wu
Providing intense moisturisation for extremely dry skin
Dr. Fabrizio Spada
Recalcitrant hyperkeratotic warts in a renal transplant recipient clearing with cessation of immunosuppression
Dr. Danit Maor
The management of dysplastic naevi: A survey of the fellows of The Australasian College of Dermatologists
Dr. Jessica Witherspoon
The role of sunscreen and facial skin care products in frontal fibrosing alopecia
Dr. William Cranwell
Vitiligo surgery: A faster method of suction blistering using the celluTome device
Dr. Phoebe Serena Jones