Essential for next 50 years dermatology clinical research registries at the bedside BIOGRID  

As clinical research is becoming more important for improving patient care and outcomes we are needing to optimise the time and make a user friendly system enter and interrogate data in all our practices and institutions. Best practice Continuing Education and quality of care are about the way we practice medicine at a high level consistently for patient safety. Outcomes of new therapies and changing medicines will be more and more important to monitor in a post marketing period for ourselves and college, especially for Authorities both pharma and government i.e. FDA and PBS is asking this question.
This presentation we believe is important as for our next 50 years to embrace change and as a collegiate group we think we will be able to be leading our peers in medicine to have this available especially in our Public hospital services and private using BIOGRID Australia.
More importantly Governments are requiring real life results in practice and with patient feedback as objective evidence to continue or initiate funding of new therapies.
Today with technology and using unique identifiers in data bases it is possible to have online systems to allow patients annonymously enter their progress with Quality of Life questionnaires at specific times. We envisage the technology providing even more information as the tools and technical devices make more transmittable digitally.
The presentation will demonstrate the Biogrid system and also templates of various Dermatology diseases and also the ethics and legal contracts already in place in many institutions around Australia.

Prof. George Varigos