Providing intense moisturisation for extremely dry skin

Patients with very dry skin often experience various degrees of discomfort ranging from itchiness to scaling and cracked skin. Dry skin symptoms are indications of a compromised skin barrier, leading to increased susceptibility to moisture loss and further irritation. To help patients break away from the dry skin cycle and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier, topical products designed specifically for very dry, compromised skin should be used. These products should be free from common skin irritants such as fragrance and contain only essential ingredients required for gentle cleansing and moisturisation. Well formulated products containing high levels of moisturisers help soothe, relieve and protect the skin without compromising on cosmetic acceptability. To ensure that products for sensitive skin have low irritation potential, they should be tested to be non-irritating, non-sensitising and non-comedogenic. Topical products which are highly moisturising and contain only essential ingredients can be gentle, effective and cosmetically acceptable.

Dr. Fabrizio Spada