Combined dermatology/stomal clinic: A new multidisciplinary clinic

Dermatology is a specialty that, besides its own standalone clinics, allows for integration into a multidisciplinary environment. Commonly in the past it has been common to Dermatology combined clinics with Paediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Head and Neck Surgery, Immunology, Sexual Health and Rheumatology. In mid-2015, an increasing number of referrals where coming from the stomal therapy unit with peristomal rashes and ulcerations as the most common reasons for referrals. In 2015 a new multidisciplinary clinic was established at Gold Coast University Hospital, under the direction of the stomal therapy unit. This new multidisciplinary clinic has allowed the rapid triage and treatment of stomal patients without the delay that can result through the usual outpatient referral system, with the concerns raised by stomal therapists to be passed directly to the dermatology team rather than to the gastroenterologists or general surgeons with subsequent delayed referral to dermatology. This has allowed for the rapid treatment of peristomal pyoderma gangrenosum, contact dermatitis, peristomal infection and cutaneous malignancies.

Dr. Peter Peters

Gold Coast University Hospital