“Why don’t they ever call?”: Critical diagnoses in dermatopathology

Certain diagnoses in dermatopathology have significant implications for patient management, and on occasion appropriate clinical care may be facilitated by a phone call from the reporting dermatopathologist to the referring doctor. Whether or not this is appropriate may depend on a number of factors. While some groups have attempted to delineate which histological situations could be regarded as "critical" in general pathology1, 2 there are no guidelines specific to dermatology and no attempt has been made to assess perceptions among different clinical groups.
We designed a survey to assess the attitudes of pathologists, dermatologists, surgeons and general practitioners as to what circumstances warrant telephone contact in addition to a standard written report, as well as approaches to routine histology follow-up. The survey was distributed Australia-wide via a combination of specialist colleges, medical forums and collegiate contacts.
The responses to this survey have highlighted a number of clinical situations where the majority of medical practitioners believe a phone call from the dermatopathologist would be appropriate, and in certain circumstances such communication could have avoided adverse outcomes or “near misses”. With patient safety a priority, it is our hope that the results of this study will facilitate discussion and clearer delineation of critical diagnoses in dermatopathology.
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Dr. Jasmin Korbl