The evolution and workflow of the Princess Alexandra Hospitals’ teledermatology service, and an interesting case series

Princess Alexandra Hospital’s ‘Teledermatology service’ has connected regional, rural and remote doctors working in Queensland with electronic access to the opinions of tertiary-based Dermatologists since 2008. Spread across almost two million squared-kilometers, Queenslanders living in regional, rural and remote areas have limited access to speciality health care. In addition, health professionals working in these areas have variable skills in dermatology and can feel under supported.
We have conducted a retrospective analysis of the Teledermatology Service data collected over the last eight years to compare the number, type and location of referrals. From this, we have seen an increase in the service’s workflow, and an evolution of the types of referrals we received, and the sites at which they originated.
We further present three interesting cases that were referred through the Teledermatology service, to illustrate the value of this service in improving patient care, in supporting treating clinicians wanting advice, and in providing case based education for Dermatology trainees. These cases include erythema ab igne, pemphigoid gestationalis, and an atypical presentation of lower limb emboli.

Dr. Mariya Hamid