Updating dermatology medicine ingredient names in Australia – it’s happening right now!

As of April 2016, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has begun updating many important medicine ingredient names used in Australia to align them with those used internationally.
This presentation lists many important active ingredients and excipient ingredients used in the field of Dermatology in Australia which will be changed. Readers will note changes range from minor spelling changes such as a ‘y’ to a ‘i’, to major changes with entirely different names all together.
New batches supplied in Australia will now have ‘Duel Labelling’ – with the products being required to show both the old and new names on the label, until 2023 when the old names will no longer be displayed.
For more information, readers can visit: www.tga.gov.au/updating-medicine-ingredient-names-list-affected-ingredients for the full list.

Dr. Tristan Blake

I'm a 2nd year Dermatology registrar based in Brisbane, Australia.