In vivo and in vitro demonstration of efficacy of specific skin care products for normal and dry baby skin

Recently, we have demonstrated that newborns and infants may present a dry skin condition biochemically characterized by altered NMF and ceramides content. In the present study, we evaluated in vitro and in vivo the efficacy of 2 topical products developed to address normal or dry skin condition in newborn and infant.
Reconstructed epidermises mimicking infant normal skin or dry skin condition, have been topically treated with the assayed products. Gene expression of barrier, hydration and stem cells markers have been evaluated. The quantity of NMF and ceramides has been measured.
Clinical study has been conducted on 80 subjects with normal or dry skin (40 children each) and aged from 1 day to 4 years (4 age groups). Biological samples have been collected on the forearms in order to perform NMF and ceramides quantification.
The product developed to address normal skin in infants increased barrier function and hydration gene expression and preserved stem cells markers expression level. Clinical data showed that NMF and ceramides levels significantly increased.
The product developed for dry skin condition increased the expression of barrier and stem cells markers, suggesting that this product could contribute to the restoration of skin stem cell pools and barrier function. Our product also significantly increased NMF and ceramides concentration. Our clinical data also show that the product increased NMF and ceramides levels.
The efficacy of our skin care products, developed for normal or dry baby skin has been demonstrated both in vitro and clinically in infants showing normal or dry condition.

Ms Gaelle Bellemere