A natural cosmetic active ingredient dedicated to the needs of pregnant woman’s skin

During pregnancy, the skin, mainly affected by the particular hormonal status, is submitted to important physiological modifications. Indeed, pregnant women’s skin is frequently described as suffering from itch and dryness and being more irritable and sensitive. In addition, the skin has to withstand important variations in volume and stretchings.
That’s why a cosmetic active ingredient (avocado peptides) has been specifically developed in order to address the needs of pregnant women’s skin. This patented ingredient is obtained from avocado cake, according to a biotechnological process, in compliance with our sustainable policy.
We have demonstrated the biological activity of avocado peptides using in vitro and ex vivo models:
Avocado peptides were able to significantly inhibit the release of histamine and tryptase by mast cells that were stimulated with calcium ionophore or substance P.
In keratinocytes, the production of hyaluronic acid, evaluated by ELISA, and glycosaminoglycans, evaluated by measuring the incorporation of 35S-sulfate, were significantly enhanced. Furthermore, fluorescent immunostaining of human skin explants showed that avocado peptides clearly enhanced the expression of hyaluronic acid and strongly restored the expression of filaggrin and transglutaminase after barrier disruption.
Finally, avocado peptides were able to significantly increase collagen I and elastin gene expression levels in fibroblasts, assessed by real-time RT-PCR.
Based on our expertise in skin physiology and plant extraction we developed a natural active ingredient able to preserve the comfort and beauty of the skin in the hormonal environment of motherhood: avocado peptides with soothing, moisturizing and restructuring properties.

Ms Gaelle Bellemere